What I learned from vacation

As most of you may know I have recently vacationed with my family to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. What many of you may not know is with whom I traveled. It was myself, T and our baby girl accompanied by my little brother and parents.

With this being our first full week away I had no idea what to expect. Coming home  a week later I have a few pointers I’d like to share + jot down for future personal reference.

Under packing is so much better than over packing.I literally tried to under pack and still managed to bring way too much. Especially with a washer dryer present people you need to DOWNSIZE!  You’re probably not going to wear those shorts that you’ve never worn or those shoes that are cute but make your feet hurt. Leave them at home and grab your fav pair of flops!

Get your eyebrows done and don’t forget the tweezers: if there is one thing I never realized until I got home it’s how quickly my eyebrows actually grow. Don’t forget the tweezers! I looked in the mirror and could have sworn I had a uni.

The weight leaves with you, sorry. Harsh truth guys, you can eat because you’re on vacation but do you really need two bags of chips just because? You’re stuffed but everyone has an Icecream … skip it! I did this and was actually proud of myself. Still am!

Take photos, lots of photo!!  This is the big one everyone. Every moment that I spend with my daughter I want to capture. However, what is better than snapping a photo?.. remembering the memory! Take photos of others with your child or together and you can send a few subtle (wink wink) hints that you want your photo to be taken but don’t get so consumed in the photo that you do not live in the moment. I took a bunch of great photos but not nearly as many as I normally do. It’s the quality not the quantity.

I walked away from this vacation learning much more about why I am the mother that I am. I have the most amazing people who love not only my daughter but me as well. Everyday with them is a blessing and this vacation was definitely memorable.Seriously though, don’t forget about the tweezers!

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