Vacation Blues || Listen to your body.

Well, day one and two were pretty much a bust for me! Cue the sad face and tear drops.

Friday morning I woke up in excruciating pain and had to go to the doctors after work. The pain would go away then come back harsher. My pelvis was so cramped up and my lower back on the right side felt as if I was being stabbed. I went to the doctors and sure enough I have kidney stones! The night before we left for vacation for a week, what a lucky lady I am, not!

It stared off as a chaotic morning. I was up all night in pain and couldn’t get comfortable so Saturday am was slow motion for me. We managed to get everything else that needed to be done all set. We made it on the road once and I felt a sudden bout of anxiety take over me. What was I missing? What did I forget to do? I had it set in my head I left something on, like a flat iron or the oven. Thank goodness we were just 5 minutes away. Then we turned around, nothing was wrong and the anxious feeling vanished. Until 4 minutes into our drive again, T asked “did we shut the garage”? Turned the car around and low and behold we left it open. By the time we left my parents were just getting ready to be on the road and half the family was already in Maine.

We made it to the beach in good timing with no traffic. However, the pit stop for my insane urge for a bathroom, good ole kidney stones was present and accounted for. We finally found one after a few tries. Still got to Maine at the same time as my parents!

We did the usual first stop on the vaca list and picked up some lobster rolls from our favorite place, Amatos! Time to hit the beach the sun had been out even with a 90% chance of rain and we were on the sands. V was in the water with T and digging away with her cousin! Meanwhile, the stabbing pain for me was nothing and I was enjoying my time.

Two short hours after hitting the beach we got rained out. Back to the house for showers & a game plan. I was still totally fine! We headed up the road to a local spot to eat & as I walked in the door I got tunnel vision and chills. My pain was the worst it ever was and everyone said I turned pale as a ghost. My eyes were watering from the pain but I was so determined to just enjoy my time. I made it through dinner and got home after for what I thought would be an easy night of relaxation. I slept for about an hour and a half and was woken up by my little lady. After that, nausea and chills and pain consumed me until 530 in the morning. I was crying just praying to god to help me find strength. I felt defeated.

Today the family went out and I joined thinking I could press on, just spend time with my family! It’s all I wanted to do. Unfortunately, my body had other ideas. I was standing in line for food at the Maine Mall and I felt my aunt turn around and look at me, I knew she knew her niece was not okay. I ordered my food and she told me to sit. I felt like I was treading through quicksand just to get to my seat. Tunnel vision followed by flashes of cold sweats. I felt like everyone was staring at me and I couldn’t pick my head up. I tried orange juice, water and tried to eat. I couldn’t even move my arms. I needed to go home! Everyone else seen a movie and T brought me back to sleep.

All my body needed was to feel me caring about it. I slept for almost 2.5 hours and here I am writing this. Do I feel 100%? Absolutely not! Are my kidney stones gone? Definitely not! But did I listen to my body and not my desire to go go go? Yes!

I’m a little down about having to feel this way during my family vacation! Missing out on memories and my daughters enjoyment is hard to swallow. I’m praying for strength to know when I am pushing myself to hard and patience with my health.

Let’s hope for a better middle and end to this vacation!


  1. August 13, 2018 / 8:02 am

    Ugh that sounds awful… Hope you feel better and can enjoy some of your vacay. Cute pics! your daughter looks so happy

    • August 13, 2018 / 8:04 am

      Aw thank you so much for all of that! I will definitely try! 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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