How AR Will Factor Into Home Buying

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Buying a home is already filled with intricate details and complicated enough. However, buying a home may become even more complicated in the near future. The use of AR is gaining lots of traction, landing the feature in gaming, cooking, and now home buying. AR can have many uses, and could actually greatly enhance the homebuying experience. However, its effects could throw an already volatile industry off balance, and completely change the home buying experience. How exactly can AR change the home buying experience, and what effect will it have on those looking to become new homeowners? Here’s how AR will factor into home buying.

Room Design

One of the coolest things about AR and the home buying process is that it will allow the buyer to artificially build rooms. By using AR, the buyer can simply recreate their dream room and see how it would look. This is very important as a buyer, as sometimes you aren’t quite sure whether the design concepts you have in mind will fit a particular room. However, with AR you can simply create your design and see how it looks. This can be a huge help in the buying process because if you know for sure you will like how a room will look, then you become much more likely to purchase the home. However, if you know for a fact that you won’t like how the room looks, then you can easily decide not to buy that home.

Virtual Tours

Another interesting use of AR in the home buying process is the ability to conduct virtual tours throughout a home. AR allows you to reconstruct the home, which could then allow buyers to experience everything your home has to offer without actually showing up to its physical location. This can be a huge boon to sellers, as the seller now no one needs to be present in order to give house tours. For example, someone can tour your Chicago real estate while you’re halfway across the country. A house tour can be conducted virtually whenever someone needs it. In addition, potential buyers will be able to spend more time on details that they view as important, and won’t be rushed by any guides.


Like in room design, AR can also be used to see how construction can affect a home. If a potential buyer is thinking of adding on an extra room or patio to a home, they can simply use AR to see how it would look. This is a huge help to potential buyers, as they can now see how improvements will look on their potential new home without actually making the purchase. In addition, these potential buyers could use AR to alter color or size, allowing them even further creative control over the home. At the end of the day, AR can make the home buying process a lot easier, and can allow the buyer to envision their dream home without committing to a purchase.

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