Christmas Traditions

The last two years we have gone and cut down our own tree as a family. Last year we even incorporated my parents and brother, super fun. Although I had hoped to continue and keep that tradition alive, this year it didn’t work out that way and we went alone. Every year I want to try to find a new tree farm that takes us on a little adventure as well. Whether it be exploring a new town or eating dinner at a new mom & pop quaint little restaurant, exploring is just my favorite.

Last year we went about 45 minutes away with my family and hiked around a tree farm with such beautiful scenery, I had shared a few photos last year on my Instagram account but I’ll refresh your memory here. The air was so clean and although the ground was a tad bit mucky it was a blast. We checked out the adorable holiday store they had on the property which, oh my so cute & then did as I mentioned and ate at a little family owned restaurant a little ways away. It was a memory I’ll always hold close.

( had to share the fish and chips OMG😍)

2018 Trip to get our family tree was a fun day as well. This year we trucked it out to Western Mass. I did this on purpose because I wanted to visit the Yankee Candle Village as well. Super cute there you guys and if you’re anywhere near Deerfield Ma or can make that trip, please do it.

Hilarious story and T will never let me live this one down. We got to the tree farm and basically all of the big trees (by big I mean taller than my 3 year old) had been cut by their employees which was a family owned farm. We noticed many people leaving with no trees tied to their car and thought nothing of it at first. Until we got off the adorable little hay ride and noticed Vey could see over the tops of most. It was a laughing matter for all those in the farm with their families as we cracked jokes about not having room in the bed of our truck for this little stump.

Luckily just as we kept walking through we noticed a young man cutting down a tree and by surprise it wasn’t tiny and it was absolutely perfect. We ran over to him, gave him a hand and this beauty was coming home! How hilarious that the only tall fresh tree left, we snagged. The barn was full of beautiful trees but we wanted a hand in picking ours right off the farm. Yay!

Following this lucky find we did just what we planned and went to the Yankee Candle Village. Western Massachusetts is so beyond appealing to the eye. It felt like Christmas and it was the first day of December!

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