Nothing says Fall like Apple Picking 🍎

It’s fall, it’s New England and the hype is real. No one can wait another minute to throw on that flannel, lace up their cutest booties and head to the their favorite Apple Orchard.

I won’t lie, I get more than excited for Apple Picking than anyone in my family. Even Tony says “we do this to make mom happy” when V decides she’s done running amuck within 15 minutes of being there. Picking apples and taste testing them is my favorite, this is also for me considered more than testing and say eating about 5 whole apples in a single adventure …. and then wishing I didn’t.

The smell of fall, the foliage in the background, even the mucky little footprints we make as we trail through acres of trees finding those perfect apples to fill up our bag! For V her favorite is the hayride. It’s short lived but the face she makes when we get on as if it’s a magical carpet transporting us from a simple dirt road, over crammed parking lot to a field of greens and reds!

I get a little picky, we need big ones for baking and they have to be just right but we also need smaller ones for snacks and school lunches. So the tally I take in my head as we fill up a 20 LB bag may seem a little ridiculous but I swear, there’s a method to this madness.

I may have jumped the gun when I said Vs favorite part was the hayride. Honestly, I think we all love topping off our giant bag with the last perfect apple and bee lining it to the country store after. Not every Apple Orchard we have visited over the years has a store, but I do find that most do. In the country store you can usually find all the fall mums, pumpkins & gourds, jams and jellies and our favorite, cider donuts! Yum!

My pregnant belly could barely wait this year to get my little hands on that bag and even before we could step foot out the door of the country store, I was taking my first bite.

Nothing says fall like apple picking & cider donuts!

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