I’m still here!👋🏻

Hello! Did you forget about me? 👋🏻

I’m still here believe it or not. I’ve missed writing on here probably more than you’d think. Every time I go to sit down and get on the good ole’ blog, something just happens to come up.

In the last year 10 months I’ve been more scarce than I’d like to have been. I’ve always found such calmness in blogging, it gives me an ease that I love. I feel like I’m journaling but with an audience that actually cares to read what I’m saying & not so much just clicking “like” because they scrolled through. Instagram has become sort of a hassle.

I’m in the same boat as last summer when I found myself pulling back more and more from product collaborations & pushing myself to venture more into what I actually love and want to share! Things I don’t get paid for, just want to share! I’ve started to care less and less about my presence on social media to “build a brand” and want to just reach an audience that wants to genuinely see what I’m posting. I want to genuinely see what others are posting about in their lives & not just watching reels because 50k others did. I’ve stopped scrolling endlessly for no reason & started to use all of my time as wisely as possible. I’ve focused so much more on my career and my family!

I am definitely a busy woman. I’m working full time from home while trying to keep up with a busy 16 month old boy! Somehow he just never is tired… but I am always exhausted. I do school drop offs & pick ups along with the to & from activities and sports! I have been at it for some time now and have ABSOLUTELY NO GRASP! I often times want to maybe run in the backyard and let a good scream out but I just pick up my feet and keep at it. People, stay at home moms, work from home parents… it’s the real deal. I’m shocked I don’t have grays yet to be honest! It’s a lot! I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world but it is still okay to admit.. it is A LOT! Thankfully I have a partner who works for himself & is always willing to bend over backwards to help us get what we need to get done!

I think I’ll find a groove someday, for now we wing it. We wing it with tumblers full of caffeine & sweat pants on. But we get it done!

Our house is still in renovations status and honestly we can accept that. There is not enough time in the day to get it all done & still sit down and enjoy eachother. So we choose eachother every single time, again that’s okay!

I’m going to throw together a blog from our trip to Outer Banks last month with all the photos to keep you wanting to visit there, it’s beautiful. But for now, I have a moment of silence that I’ll choke down a cheese stick & some leftover shredded chicken with and hopefully brush my hair!

Happy to be here, hope all is well!


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