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Vermont’s Most Beautiful Address; The Woodstock Inn & Resort

Do you ever watch movies or television shows and see places that you think to yourself, “wow I’d love to go somewhere like that”? Growing up I’ve always loved Lifetime movies and also shows like Gillmore Girls. The quaint little…


A Winter Afternoon at the Farm : Billings Farm & Museum.

On a little girls trip up to a Woodstock, Vermont and we are already in-love with the area. It was a warm winter day for us New Englanders, around 50 degrees to give you an idea. Perfect for getting outdoors…


Stop second guessing yourself.

I’m constantly second guessing myself and I am constantly reminding myself to cut the shit. We live in a day in age where everyone thinks that they know what’s best and what’s the worst. We live in an era where…


Learning Math with the Elephant Learning App.

My daughter was 2.5 years old and we were ready to register her for preschool the following fall as 3 year old preschool student. As I recall my palms were sweating, my anxiety is was out of control and my…


Safe TV streaming for your children with Kidoodle.TV!

Keeping an eye on what our children watch is a never ending battle. Is it safe, educational, age appropriate? The list goes on. When V started asking to watch shows on her tablet or on my phone, my brain was…


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