lets face it, the days seem long but are actually incredibly short? how much can you get done between raising another human(s), trying to manage a household and attempting to remember to take care of ourselves? the answer, not enough! in a single day i must say to myself “where has the time gone” a handful of times at minimum.

this blog is supposed to be an outlet for me to escape the insane and find the sane. well, lets just say that is a work in progress. finding time to do what we love is not always easy, although it is important. i try to remember that every day i need to take a little “mom-time” and just breathe. whether that mom time consists of leaving the house on my own to run an errand while playing the music extremely loud + sipping coffee, painting my nails or being able to shower alone, it needs to happen. seriously!

the most important thing that i have to remind myself is the better i feel, the better mom i can be to my daughter. this does not just go for moms, dads too. i know in our home i work part-time so even on the days where i am alone all day long and i want to just throw in the towel, look at T and say “your turn”, i cant. it’s a work in progress, a true learning as you go experience.

24 hours is just not enough but it’ll do.



  1. September 14, 2016 / 11:07 pm

    This post ❤️. Mom time goes by so quickly!!

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