Packing “lightly”

Packing is literally one of the worst things! No, seriously! If you don’t agree then you are probably a frequent flyer and I envy your rare ability.

I never can decide what to bring. Packing for myself was hard enough! Now I’m  packing for my little lady too, this makes things even harder. How many of this? How many of that? But what if it’s chilly? Okay, realistically we are going to the beach for the weekend not a cross country tour.

The one great thing about going away for the weekend in this’s to the beach. The beach is easily the most relaxed place on the planet. Am I right? So, you figure bathing suit, cover up, a light outfit for at night, and a few alternate options for traipsing around & something comfy to sleep in. Sounds easier than it is…

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• My two favorite cover ups for the beach (one black & one white)

• My new black one-piece swim suit

• White denim shorts

• Distressed denim jeans

• Mint long sleeve

• White cami

• Black yoga capris

• Black yoga shorts

• Travel size straightening wand

• Dry shampoo

• B&B Body spray

• Shampoo & conditioner samples

All of this plus very few misc toiletries (body soap & tooth brush) fit in this weekender bag. Did I mention that I fit in all of my littles stuff as well? OH, and a pair of well broken in black Old Navy flops.
This was my first time EVER being able to pack everything for her & myself in one easy to carry bag. Unbelievable!!

Now, off to vacation!


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