Things I never thought I could do before motherhood 

As I dropped the shampoo bottle and seen my little poking her head into the shower I realized my usual oh so relaxing 3 minute shower was going to be a 30 second shower. Who needs clean hair anyway?

Bing! Bang! Boom! The important stuff happened and the hair got a washing. I was in and out and managed to only have to pick up a box of q-tips and re roll half a roll of toilet paper. Success! Well, sort of.

This is the morning that started my day. Typical Thursday … minus that extra 2.5 minutes of anti insanity and properly shaved legs. It got me thinking, “I never would have been able to get that done prior to motherhood.”

A little list of things I noticed throughout the day & thought of that made me sit back this evening to write this post.

Starting with…

The impressively fast shower my typical showers or if I get to sneak in alone + prior to motherhood =time consuming and probably took away quite a bit of my morning ritual.

•>•>• which brings me to

Going so many days without washing my hair AKA DRY SHAMPOO on the reg🙋🏼

Function as a zombie lets face it everyone they call it mombie for a reason, moms you know exactly what it feels like but we get things done and we take care of business (pat on the back).

Eat a meal in minutes by meal I also mean a hard boiled egg tossed fully in my mouth as I do laundry -or- a sandwich hanging out of my mouth as barrel down the stairs and out the door.

Wear a top knot daily for days I always had my hair done and now I’m all about the bun (especially once that 3rd day of dry shampoo hits) it’s absolutely adorable anyways so I dig it.

Use the toilet so fast A split second and I am done, this one that shocks me still over and over again. ofcourse there are also those wonderful times where I have a guest sitting on my lap while I go. yes, I have had to pee with my baby on my lap!

Multitask the art of folding laundry while feeding a baby & brushing your teeth all at once.

Carrying every grocery bag at once...with a baby on your hip I feel like I have superhuman strength with the amount of things I can get up two flights of stairs while not dropping the baby or a bag. Woo woo! (Workout for the week)

AL a s t BUT no where close to least

Love another human being so much the most important thing I thought. I cut back on all of these things that use to be so essential to love my tiny little human being as much as I possibly can.
We make sacrifices but come on it’s not the end of the world. I’ll take a long shower again, I’m still clean. Dry shampoo does the trick ladies we all love it. These top knots are in right now and I know all of you can rock it.

The most important thing to me is that I make sure my daughter knows how much she is loved. Being attentive to her is my priority.

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21 thoughts on “Things I never thought I could do before motherhood 

  1. I can relate to every single things you write here, during the first 1-2 years being with my daughter. She is now 4 yo so believe me when I say: It takes a few years, but there will be time that you can shower properly and style your hair again! Hang on there mommy, we know our priority. 🙂

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