Goodbye Summer

Don’t get me wrong I’ll take summer over winter and the cold snow anyday of the week but … come on guys, fall! Fall is so much easier for littles the way I see it. We don’t have to scoop out 10 lbs of sandy beach bum anymore before heading home. Our babies don’t have to be repetitively doused in sunblock (even though fall requires some). Stop worrying about dehydration and the 17 extra juice boxes you need to pack. Will my snacks melt in the bag? Will we be uncomfortable doing that activity? There is way too much to worry about and while we are worrying are we even enjoying our time?

Summer has LITERALLY always been my favorite season …until the past two years. With the exeption of cookouts, my own birthday and my little ladies birthday the summer is just not what it use to be. Summer was the time I longed for every year as a child looking forward to vacation for months away from books. It was the time when family or friends came home to visit. Eating outside after a plate of juicy burgers were just cooked to perfection. Some of the same stuff occurs and some of the same feelings happen but summer to me is just not as “summery”!
The actual requirements of being ready for a typical summer day are almost exhausting. Prior to motherhood I think I grabbed a bottle of water, headphones & some dry oil and headed in the yard for a solid five hours. Now, going in the backyard alone takes almost an hour to get us both ready to bring out just the necessities. By the time the kiddie pool is filled or the water table is ready to go I think we’ve spent all the time up until lunch time getting ready for a 15 minute play time… oh and maybe just maybe one cute photo!! She’s beat red and wants to go inside and I myself am ready for a nap. The glam of an old summer day is just not the same!

I never realized how much time was spent getting things ready and getting in motion until we had our first cool fall day!

Hello gorgeous, I’ve been waiting for you! (Although it’s still a week away😒)

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Venturing out for a walk to the park required a juice for her and a water for me. We grabbed a simple ball and were dressed for comfort. Sneakers and leggings, lets go! Walking? Am I even doing this and enjoying it right now? I wasn’t lugging excessive amounts of things and I was smiling from ear to ear.

I never talked about fall the way a typical New Englander did. I don’t like pumpkin spice, I dread winter being so close and flip flops can’t always be your go to shoe. To me the summer was easy and the fall was work. I actually heard myself say more than a few times “I can’t wait for fall”. I had friends look at me crazy. I’ve just been waiting for the cool park weather for far too long!

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So many things change in motherhood and things we never even thought would be such a drastic change become noticeable. Do I love summer still? Ofcourse. Would I rather a comfy fall day and seeing my daughter have an absolute blast with little to no work? ABSOLUTELY!


    • October 6, 2016 / 3:58 pm

      It’s been an amazing day today & I literally lived by the post! Love fall.

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