Meatless Lasagna Recipe

Okay, so I have never shared a recipe before and I’m not sure if I will again! But… I am willing to try everything atleast once. 

With fall in the air I am all about the homemade comfort food meals on the regular (as I am sure most of you are). My grandmothers simple recipes she taught me along the way over the years have always been my favorite. Nothing makes you feel warmer on the inside than a little grandmas home cooking!

I have made a few changes but have always kept it simple + delicious just like she taught me! 

This lasagna is always a hit in our home and it’s super easy! 

Brand names are at your preference: 


1 package of uncooked Lasagna Noodles

32 oz of Ricotta Cheese 

1 cup of Cottage Cheese 

8 oz of Mozzarella Cheese {separate into two 4oz}

1 jar of your choice Pasta Sauce

1 tbsp Garlic Salt

1 tsp Parsley Flakes

1 tsp Table Salt

1 tsp Black Pepper

1 cup chopped/minced Fresh Onion

1 cup chopped Fresh Green Bell Pepper

2 tbsp Olive oil

Parmesan Cheese as needed/wanted 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees! 

  • In a large pot Boil Water + Add in Lasagna noodles. Let cook until tender. 
  • While noodles are boiling combine ricotta, cottage, one of the 4oz container of mozzarella, garlic, parsley, salt & pepper into a bowl and mix well. Let sit! 
  • In a medium sauce pan combine olive oil & chopped onion + pepper. Sauté over low heat uncovered until vegetables are soft.
  • Stir in sauce + keep on stove off heat!


       Take a glass 13×9-inch baking dish.

  • Lightly spread sauce on the bottom and sides of the baking dish. 
  • Layer with 3 pieces of Lasagna noodles covering the dish.
  • Spread on 1/3 cheese mix 
  • Sprinkle and spread sauce over cheese
  • Repeat these steps 2-3x depending on how thick you want the Lasagna I typically do 3 layers 
  • Once you place the last Lasagna noodles on the layers spread a small amount of the sauce over it and then cover with the remaining Mozzarella cheese.
  • Cover with tin foil & bake for 30 minutes. Uncover and cook for an additional 10-15 minutes. 
  • Let sit for 15 minutes before cutting & serving.
  • Add Parmesan at your preference!

Serve with a crisp Caesar salad & a side of warm garlic bread to warm up on your chilly night! Enjoy.😀


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    Nice!! I will try it

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