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Okay guys,  hair to me …so important!  How many of you straighten your hair with a flat iron? Me too! Until I was pregnant my hair never was dry or dull and I would throw a little Moroccan oil on after a little straightener action & I was good… Pretty easy. Pregnancy had other ideas instore for my hair and now it’s been a huge process getting my hair back to “healthy”. 

I am not sure how many people go to Sally’s beauty or any beauty stores but I am a weekly visitor! From lip balms to hair products it’s just my go to! I’ve been inlove with the Silk Elements heat protection creme since pregnancy but recently came across these little bottles of heat protection spray! Seriously, they smell amazing, don’t make your hair look greasy or “wet” and you don’t need more than a few sprays to get the job done! 

Definitely recommend checking them out!! 

Basically they both do the same job however the spray tends to be easier & quicker. 

I typically spray on my hair once I am out of the shower and towel dry it a bit. 

You really only need 1-2 squirts on each side and 1-2 in the back. It sprays evenly! 

If I know I am not going to blow dry my hair & am going to straighten it I tend to use the creme and just let it air dry! I think they both get the job done but this is just my preference! 

The tan bottle is with protein & I do prefer over the green bottle! 

The green bottle is with olive oil so if you have thinner hair such as I do stick to 1 spray instead of the 2 sprays! You don’t want it to look greasy! Unless you have thick hair then possibly 2 would suit you better! 
Super affordable & works amazing!! 

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