Wonderful Woman of the Month

I prepared myself for accepting a Grammy in front of the mirror from age 6 to 26! Not even going to lie… but to actually be recognized for a Grammy let’s face it, never going to happen Ash.

Instead I was recognized for something so much more meaningful & by one of my peers. Mom blogging has brought so much joy to my life for not only the fact that I could ramble on about what I want without the eye roll or dozing off of a loved one (thank goodness I know they love me). Acknowledgment from people of a similar point of view on what I write and what I have to say is my favorite! Meeting someone who not only acknowlges what you write but writes about your opinions and develops you as a blogger & a person is touching.

Katie McMinn [hint of lavender] reached out to me a few months ago as I was just starting my mom blog adevemtue (aka not that long ago). I was immediately drawn to her sweet nature & responded back. We formed a little friendship and she soon told me about her new series “Wonderful Women”. We spoke back and forth over time and she asked me to answer some questions in an interview form of way & send forth. Over time I thought about the questions that stood out the most to me and answered.

Today was the start of any old Monday. Coffee on repeat and excessive concealer under the eyes. I forgot only two things when heading out the door and it was off to drop the baby to my mother then to work. I was opening emails from work when I noticed an email from Katie, she had publish me as her Wonderful Woman of the month. This Monday surely turned around as I bragged and smiled all day!

I would love nothing more than to thank Katie for this chance at growing as a mom blogger and for noticing me as a person and as a mother!

Go check out your girls answers and my friend Katie’s blog hintoflavender.com You’re sure to enjoy!




  1. January 15, 2017 / 10:21 pm

    Ya!!! Awesomeness! Congratulations!

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