A minor time out 

Let’s just catch up quick before I jump back into the swing of things. 

Well, I’ve been absent from the blog for a few weeks now & scarce on the old ig account as my days are even crazier than before!
Let’s start with Thanksgiving. The whole week leading up to the holiday I basically was a scatter brain. I did get a blog post out there so for those of you who didn’t read this was my first year cooking for the family! What a rewarding feeling and also what a load of anxiety. 

The morning of I woke up super early and started on the turkey. I have made them prior just little ones so this 17lb bird that would be the center of my families meal had to be perfect. Everything ended up going extremely well and we enjoyed our day! Everyone loved the turkey and said it was delicious. 

Then came Black Friday… enough said!

Bouncing back to work the following Monday was nothing shy of exhausting. Work has been so chaotic as I am in fashion merchandising so ”tis the season!

Ontop of this all we decided to get a puppy! Holy cuteness! We adopted him from a local shelter and he has fit right in with our family perfectly! However, he is just a puppy and we all know how much attention is required. Training him and chasing around a 17 month old is work but it’s also so amazing to watch the two of them together.

Just as we got a new puppy and the work load at home was upped my lovely man got hurt at work. He hurt his back, minor injury thank goodness but it was still another thing to add to the list of crazies.

Between the baby and her growing pains, new teeth & overall baby needs… the new puppy that needs constant attention and training… T being on “couch rest“… the usual work week.. oh and CHRISTMAS being right around the corner.. this is what my life has been. 

Everyone has crazy lives and crazy schedules, I just had to take a little step back from social media to get on the ball for my family!! 

I hope everyone has their shopping done,(I’m not even close to done) Christmas cards out & is enjoying all of madness of the holidays. 


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