Always a bridesmaid 

This is more or less what I’ve been upto and where I’ve been hiding. Always a bridesmaid never a bride. Besides being in umpteen weddings I have also married friends and ofcourse as a child the ever so adorable, flowergirl. 


Lately, things have been busy… I know broken record! Everyone is always busy and time is never available and this and that. So ofcourse right at the peak of my chaotic life falls my best friends wedding which I am OBVIOUSY a bridesmaid in. 

We have the wedding announcement party, the wedding parties party, the rehearsals, the fittings, the “getting to know one another” dinners, the nights out after the “getting to know one another” dinners, the jack & bill {yes i said bill, so clever} …and then ofcourse the hair appointments, the spray tans, the mani pedi, the accessory shopping, the dress rehearsal and eventually oh yeah the wedding itself. Holy cow that’s a lot of commitment… and especially for someone who doesn’t know what day of the week it is and if she has milk in the fridge. 

Do I ever regret being in weddings? Absolutely not! Do I long for the day my sweet sweet slow as a turtle to popping the question hunnie buns asks me? YUP!
I feel like I always have to check in on my blog and say this is what I’m doing this, is where I’ve been but literally it’s beyond true. There’s never a dull moment and all I want to do is write a few things down and converse with some adults. 

Okay, so I guess I am looking forward to quality adult time and nights out with my man! I guess I do want to get dolled up and post pics of my outfits, hair and makeup. I’ll probably dance my booty off with my girls and eat scrumptious food…


Well off too bake cookies + prepare food for one of the many gatherings that is tomorrow. Then it’s time to get my hair done + shop last minute for an outfit to wear! 

I guess you’ll see it all for yourself very soon 🙂 

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an everyday mom doing everyday things blogger of all things lifestyle + motherhood a lover of guacamole and good conversation.

4 thoughts on “Always a bridesmaid 

  1. Hey this Little Mom, Ok let me first say, God knows your heart and will bring you what your desire. That you want to be the bride, you are doing all the right things and your wonderful beautiful desirable day is coming. Be patient, know it, conceive it and believe it. Until then, have that trous·seau ready! peace and blessing New Bride. ~econniehill

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