Rules don’t apply when you’re little is sick.

Judge me if you must but around here rules don’t always apply when your little is sick.. when I say don’t always,  I mean don’t.

If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter you probably have already known that V has been fighting off all the germs. It started with all her molars coming in, followed by a double ear infection accompanied by a virus and wound up with the flu. I know! I know…poor baby!

We struggled to sleep at night, we struggled to get her to eat or to drink and our bed was all she wanted.

So yes …

  • I did let my child co sleep for well over a week.
  • I did let her eat Popsicles for every meal if she wanted.
  • I did let her watch television to the point where I think every episode of every show has been covered.
  • I did let her stay in pajamas everyday.
  • I did let her eat in bed even though it made a mess.
  • I did let her tell me no.

And you know what? I wouldn’t have done it any other way!

We have fought off yucky germs before, this wasn’t our first rodeo.. but it definitely was our first long series of unfortunate events.

All I wanted to do was make my little girl feel comfortable and to keep her happy. I kept thinking that she was probably saying to herself, “why isn’t mommy or daddy helping me”… it broke my heart.

I kept thinking when I am sick I act like it’s the end of the world and I sure as heck don’t want to leave my bed or get dressed. When I am sick I have no appetite and I eat Popsicles or icecream or whatever it is that doesn’t hurt.

I wasn’t worried about how she would act when she felt better or if this would be how she thought the days would go. I was worried about the time being and making her feel any sort of okay.

Finally after two and a half weeks of feeling crumby she is back to playing up a storm. She slept in her own bed lastnight with no problems. She ate dinner with us and didn’t expect a cool dessert instead. She isn’t crying at the television to watch a show.

The world did not end!

Everything is okay!

Now we get to enjoy this beautiful weather. 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Rules don’t apply when you’re little is sick.

  1. Heay.. i love your blog and the way you put things here. I m mother of a toddler so completely relate to your thoughts. Keep writing.

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