March Maddness 

Spring? Can anyone please fill me in on what happens in Spring? I would assume flowers begin to blossom, the weather gets warmer, adventuring outdoors with our little’s and loved ones.. 

…well not for us lucky New Englanders. We are expecting another storm this weekend to welcome in the month of April… as if March didn’t bring enough snow and unfortunate weather.

March was filled with the ups and downs and I guess it’s to be expected, life loves throwing those curveballs. 

My poor V has been sick for what seems to be forever, yet again tonight we are off to the doctors. 

We have traveled a distance to learn that indeed mother knows best. 

We have suffered loss in our family.

We have spent countless days trapped inside due to the cold. 


We have started eating healthier as a family. 

We have caught up on shows we missed out on + seen new movies we loved. 

We have found a new love for puzzles. 

We have booked vacations to look forward to. 

We have learned more and more as we go on that you do have to take the good with the bad. There is some good in every bad situation. We were together inside, hiding from the cold. I think we have snuggled more than ever before. (no complaints there, am I right?) Our summer bodies will hopefully be rocking, keyword hopefully

I started this post with a sigh going over in every detail how crazy this month actually was but atleast I made a more positive outcome for the mad month of March. 

Although we are starting this next month off with snow I sure hope that the snuggling will continue but the adventures outdoors with begin. 

Stir crazy is a real thing people. 

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4 thoughts on “March Maddness 

  1. Couldn’t agree more with this post. My little boys birthday party is on the 1st and was hoping for good weather so the kids can use the outdoor garden too but that doesn’t look like it’s going to be happening 😞 x

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