The Unique Gift of JORD this Father’s Day! *GIVEAWAY*

Father’s Day to me is a day where I have always gotten to celebrate the men in my life that have groomed me into the woman I am today. I celebrate my father who had me at a very young age and strived to always provide the best life for myself and my mother and then my little brother. A hard worker is an understatement. Driven is an understatement. To describe him in a single word or words would be difficult because to me he is so many things. He is a friend, a role model, a support system, a loving father, a hard worker, a devoted husband, an adventurer, the life of the party and the list goes on. 

Father’s Day to me now is not just celebrating the man that raised me as his first born. It’s not just celebrating the grandfather that watched me every day from 2 months old, walking me to school, taking me outside rain or shine and treating me like a princess, may he Rest In Peace. It’s not just about the other grandfather that I can laugh with and that teaches me how hard work and providing for your family can be enough to make you happy in life. 

It’s now also about the man who I call my partner in life, my daughters father. 

Things are not always smiles and rainbows in relationships. It’s about how you make it through the tough times together and how you love unconditionally no matter what. V and I have found that in Anthony. He is a hard worker, a loving father, a compassionate partner and never stops trying to make us happy. 

This Father’s Day JORD gave us the ability to provide him with a unique gift to say thank you for being the amazing person he is. The amazing father he has become. 

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, friend, father or whomever enter my contest giveaway and be on your way to giving the gift of JORD this Father’s Day! 

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