Viicode Skincare ; Oxygen Eyemask  

I always see those memes about the bags under people’s eyes being Chanel or what not and I admit it makes me laugh BUT .. it’s legitimately no joke.😩 

One day you’re sleeping in until noon and the next you’re an adult. Then comes the ultimate job, being a parent. It’s exhausting, its long, you can’t make up for sleep lost most of the the time (okay, all of the time). No matter how much I love my little leading lady we all can admit that we are very tired. 

It doesn’t matter how much make up I try to use or how many techniques I google to try to cover up these bags under my eyes… they are still present and accounted for. 
VIIcode eye mask is an 8-hour overnight treatment, which is totally different from other sheet masks I’ve looked into. The gel like material in the mask is my favorite feature and makes for a comfortable interaction. The gel is cool which immediately is relaxing for me. I simply yawn a million and one times before bed and then apply these handy little helpers at night. All I do is right after cleansing and drying my face, I apply & by morning time I’ve had to do no work and see such a difference. I repeat the process 2-3 times a week which works perfect for me. 

 No more make up tutorials that seem to only look good on everyone but me. No more countless trips to the beauty store. No more staring into the mirror wondering if the bags will disappear on their own. Simple steps + beautiful results. As I said before I would totally recommend using 2-3 x per week and upto 3 boxes for a full treatment. 

Viicode skincare is putting life back into my face & me the confidence I need to not take 10 trips to the closest mirror a day. 

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