Overwhelmed & Overtired

Two big O words that definitely desbribe every last bit of how I am feeling. There is zero purpose for the post besides to rant, honestly it’s just a post to vent. There are also no pictures because I am just that tired

You can express how you feel to a million and a half people but at the end of the day it may not change a damn thing. (I never curse on here so damn is what you will have to deal with today!) July just came so quick that the anticipation and preparation of it couldn’t have even touched the stress that was bound to overcome our family. 

We started out with a vacation in July that was beautiful! The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, family is amazing and the beach is just the happiest place for me. However, you can never know what a little will feel like, act like, sleep like and so forth.  V didn’t sleep but one night though the night, she was up every single hour. Then there was the sun that drains you even more. I came home from vacation needing a vacation. 

However, when we got home from vacation we had renovations to tend to. The anxiety of what needed to be done & how long we had to do it ate me alive. Then we found out we were going to be moving in just a mere 6 days after vacation, which we found out only 48 hours before. HOLY CRAZINESS! Sleep just wasn’t even an option. Did I mention V went through another phase of no napping? So everything was done with her awake and “trying to help”. Who could tell a face as cute as hers no? I mean I know I couldn’t… 

So we moved into a house that wasn’t done on a day that was 96 degrees and humid. I had probably racked up a solid 2 hours total the night before so I was pretty sure I was going to faint or cry. Side note I definitely cried! We moved with a toddler there also, we didn’t have a sitter for her so it was just pure chaos.

Four days after the move was Vs second birthday so it was trying to unpack and trying to organize while trying to get presents and plan for her special day. We somehow managed to see both of our parents that day and had cake and made it simple.

Then this past weekend was the one following her birthday. Friday night I think we crashed so hard that we couldn’t have even done a thing to our house if we wanted to. Saturday we got things done we could but I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get decorations, food bought & prepared and all of the utensils and table cloths we needed. Totally last minute but the only time I had free. Thank goodness my parents did 99% of the hard work setting up at their house and allowed the party there because I was about to crumble. 

The day turned out amazing PS! But that’s for another post… when I get there! 

Monday came (yesterday), and T was home by 10am due to the rain and I had the day off for a mental health day. We lounged and then decided to get the painting done we could. It ended up being so much more work than we thought but when it was done 🙌🏻!! Love it! 

Which brings us to Tuesday, today! I have done nothing but lay around with my baby girl soaking up the snuggles and being lazy. It was a rainy, icky, gloomy type of day. We colored, we ate snacks and we just hung out. I am still overtired and still overwhelmed but after this post I feel like a little of that weight was lifted!

So thanks for listening 😉!!! 

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