Mini Beach Vaca

Unwinding is the best feeling. Unplugging from everything and just letting that list of obligations and responsibilities makes its way to the bottom of your purse for a few days, now that’s a feeling I love. 

My fathers side of family goes on an annual trip to the beach every year and as I get older my weeks away tend to be overnights or in this case it was a two nighter (spoiled alert). Although it’s not always easy to just pick up from work from T he makes it work for us. We head up and usually can count on countless laughs and reminiscing of memories from past years. The family members have dwindled down over time, kids have gotten older, everyone has a life of their own. But it’s still great to see who comes and enjoy family while we can. 

This year it was the same group as last year, small and quiet and perfect. Even though we didn’t get there until dinner time on Thursday we got to enjoy a simple take out night followed by a walk to a favorite Icecream spot. Friday it rained but the whole family packed up and headed to do something simple together, as long as we are all together what more could you ask for? It was a mall & food court type of day! It ended up with everyone taking turns in the massage chairs in the middle of the mall just to see the hilarious reactions of each others faces! May I add in, it was relaxing. 

Friday night, dinner at a local spot we visit each trip that we all love & home for LIVE PD in our pajamas and off to sleep. The next morning we awoke and had to get things ready for the beach day and to pack up as the trip was about to end. It’s really a great feeling to watch and work together with your family all at the same time to get something done, rewarding! 

Saturday was beach time! Packed the coolers and simplified what we needed to take. Cars were packed for the journey home after and we were sun blocked up! We parked our chairs right at the edge of the sand and the water. We all took a walk down the end of the beach with each other in search of sand dollars. V was a blast to watch just running around and splashing her little feet. Her smile could light up an entire room but more importantly it melts my heart. 

Although it was a short trip and it rained one full day just to see her with family and having fun will be all I’ll ever need to go above and beyond.

Until next year.✌🏻

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