“Posters Block”

Do you ever just stop and think okay I literally have nothing to post about? How am I suppose to keep up with my blog …and my instagram… and my twitter… and Pinterest, when I have nothing to post about? 

           SENDING OUT AN SOS !!!!

I was sitting there today thinking to myself I am just so tired today and although I probably have a million photos that I could post, I still don’t have a post. Although my day is chaos and things happen 24/7 and that’s how stories are made, I still have nothing to write about. Tweeting, okay simple I got you twitter! Pinterest, re pin and repin until I can’t re pin anymore. It’s not like I even know what I am doing!😜

But back to the insta and blog situation. The two platforms I work off of the most and the two I literally spend the most time on, yet I have nothing ready to go. 

You are all probably thinking, this is giving her something that she can write about, I am aware of that. I however want to get through this whole “posting block”/”writing block” that I have stumbled upon. It seems like I try to hard to come up with things to post and im then in turn not happy with my work afterwards. 

I look at my little girl and my pup and two furr ball kitties and the love of my life and still… I got nada! I feel like we all strive for a flow of some sort but I think my flow has about flown the coop. I don’t know if it’s the exhaustion of the week kicking in or the million things going on outside of social media but I still just am drawing a 

….big old _______________!!! 

I just hope that sooner than later I get back into my groove and have the motivation I am looking for and the inspiration I need to come up with something. 

Go on now, give me some tips 😉 PLEASE!!!!

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an everyday mom doing everyday things blogger of all things lifestyle + motherhood a lover of guacamole and good conversation.

6 thoughts on ““Posters Block”

  1. Ah, we all experience this from time to time! In fact, I’ve been in a similar kind of slump for weeks now. Today I continued a post I had begun days earlier and just added quotes after each photo and it came together better than I had hoped. I think sometimes we just have to give ourselves a break. Put away the technology, do something engaging with someone we love and then return when we feel refreshed. 🙂

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    1. This is such great advice that I don’t think I could turn it down if I tried. We have family driving down and flying in tomorrow to spend the weekend and cookouts and fun stuff planned so I’m just really trying to focus on the positive. Slumps are just so “slumpy”. Thanks again, you’re too sweet and so right!

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