Don’t tell a parent how to parent.

I swear to god there is nothing that makes me more mad than other people telling you how to parent. One of the things that drives me the most insane is when someone says;               

       ” you worry too much”

Hmm.. excuse you?…for starters. Also, excuse you? What in the world could you even mean by worrying too much? If simply worrying about my child is too much for you then by all means, sianara! 

I could see if you were worried about leaving the house due to the possibility of a spontaneous earthquake {that would literally never happen} or couldn’t go to the park because of it or worried that your child would catch a flesh eating virus, so you stay home.. that my friends would definitely be worrying too much. 

I’m the type of mom who rarely does anything outside of “norm”. I work the same days every week, the other days I am home with my little girl. On the weekends it’s typically family stuff and around the home or out adventuring just us 3. On a rare occasion I go out and do something with friends. We go on date nights and come straight home to snuggle our leading lady and go in our bed to watch TV. There’s really no other reason than because I flat out enjoy my life. 

Some told me I was never able to get over the feeling of mom guilt when I left my daughter. I kind of got angry by that, I decided instead of calling it the dreaded “mom guilt” it was actually just me enjoying being with my daughter instead of being out and about. 

                    “Mom guilt” 

I’m forever hearing and have always heard “you worry too much”. “Just go out and have fun”. “Stop worrying”… okay and I have tried it and I have done it and yes maybe I’ve had fun but then I wish I could get that time back with my little one. 

We all constantly say it, the time goes by too fast. One second you’re peeing on a plastic stick, as your heart is racing wondering if this is the moment your life will change. The next youre spread eagle on a table in front of a room full of people pushing a human out of your body, your human.. to hold life’s most precious gift against your bare skin. Then somehow, someway you’re walking down the street with a toddler and a dog crossing your paths, tangling a leash around your ankle and sweating while remembering you left the garage wide open… wondering when the hell life happened

I don’t want to miss a beat, so some may say I worry too much.. some may say I don’t live enough & I tell them… live your own life the way you want and I’ll do the same! 

The reason I parent the way I do.❤️

I would never dream to make a comment on a friends or family members or anyones method of parenting. I don’t ever really see why people feel like they can tell a mother how to treat or raise their child. You can’t tell someone what works best for you will work best for them. Yes, offer opinions and advice but don’t negatively comment on a positive parenting method. I don’t think the fact that I want to spend time with my child that much is a problem what so ever. I have my fun when I want to have it. We keep our relationship exciting and passionate. But most of all we build our family and raise our daughter the way that we know is what we want. I don’t judge others for going out multiple times a week or weekly or monthly or whatever the method may be!

What’s best for you is not what’s best for me!

So parents, don’t feel obligated to listen to anyone. You know what is right, you know what you want. Do it the way you want. You’re probably not crazy, you’re probably not overprotective but so what if you are. Your child will only benefit from you being happy and you won’t be happy listening to anyone but yourself. 

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25 thoughts on “Don’t tell a parent how to parent.

  1. So true! People need to keep their “helpful” comments to themselves. Of course you won’t agree with everything that another parent does, but that’s the lovely part about the mind- you DONT have to speak everything on it. Keep it to yourselves people.

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    1. Thank you for agreeing! I feel like so many moms are shamed into living a certain way or pressured into living a certain way. It’s sad. I love living by the beat of my own drum and I think it truly benefits my daughter & our family. Thank you for the positivity!💕

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      1. It is frustrating. I just think people can’t help but to always put their opinion out there as if it’s the right one. 🙄🙄 I’m here for your mama! ❤️❤️


  2. It’s sad, but I think there are some people who do need to be told how to parent. Not for any of the petty crap that I see most people mom shaming each other about online though. No one cares if your cousins brothers kid was fed organic until age 12. lol or if you use cloth diapers or not.

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    1. I definitely agree with that! Some people probably need a little help along the road, most people I’m sure. It’s definitely the petty stuff that makes me cringe. If my child wants to eat Mac and cheese and drink chocolate milk she totally will & if I want to be home on a Friday night and not out galavanting I actually feel like hey it’s my life! The organic until 12 made me chuckle! Thanks for the comment 🙂


  3. I really needed to hear This! With a 2 month old, it seems like everyone has some opinion, some more hurtful or annoying than others, and it’s nice to hear someone else has faced that and gone their own way regardless. 🙂

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    1. Believe it or not mama, everyone is going through or has gone through this. You just need to remember that nobodies opinions matter, what matters is what you believe is best for your little bundle. Always here if you need to talk! Stay strong & true.❤️


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