Sometimes you just have to not do a thing.

As I lay in my bed catching up on my shows from the past week I reflect back on my weekend with nothing but a smile and a sigh of relief. 

This weekend we vowed to take it easy. This was the first weekend where T was home all weekend and we didn’t have anything planned. It was the first weekend where I was the last one to get out of bed and the first one to take a shower. I felt like royalty let me tell you. 

We decided to not make plans with any friends or have any crazy adventures planned. We wanted to literally take a step back from how crazy these last few months have been and just relax. 

Lately, it’s been both of us working our normal schedules and then T working side jobs with his father which then leads to much longer days for me and no family or alone time. V starts to get a little testy with me once she realizes how long dads been gone so that always bring another bump in the road. I love my alone time with my girl but we ofcourse miss dad! By the time he gets home and we finally are all done with whatever we need to do it’s like we are crawling to bed and barely even get to catch up about eachothers day. You never really see how chaotic your life has become until you simply step back and take a break.

Although our plans to not have any plans was in store family does come first in every aspect. T’s family was down from VT for a funeral of a relative, so even though I was unable to attend the services because I was home with V we all were able to spend time together later on! It was relaxing and even under the circumstances being together is always just a good feeling. 

We ordered take out, we watched movies, we baked, we took walks and long drives through cute little neighborhoods. We talked about plans for the future and laughed about memories from the past. 
The best things in life are truly the simplest things for me. This weekend was nothing but simple and it was what our family needed. A simple ride in the car while sipping on coffee, checking back to adore our beautiful daughter as she naps… for me that’s what it’s all about.💕

Here’s to hoping your Monday is amazing!

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6 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to not do a thing.

  1. I relate to this so much. Our kids are a little older than yours, so most weekends are filled with running here, there, and everywhere on top of everything else. You slowly forget who you are.

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