Holiday Gift Guide for Her (PT1)

I have decided that for this holiday season I am going to do a little series where each week I will post a Gift Guide. Each week the holiday gift guide will be directed at a different audience. I will stick to what I do know which is men, women & little girls. However, having said that I’m going to try to do just a broader gift guide with a more neutral feeling for children both boys + girls which should be super fun!

As always if you have any suggestions or want the deets on where I would head for a specific item, just comment or email!

So let the holiday preparations begin!!
My first gift guide is aimed at women and will be a mix of stocking stuffer ideas, to secret santa ideas or even just a really bomb gift idea in general! These are items that are either in my possession or that I’m totally putting on my wish list!

Each corresponding letter will have a link next to it & a brief description + location with highlighted link to buy for your reference.

A: Slippers @ Target

B: Fleece throw w/foot pocket @Pedipocket

C: Sonoma 2pc Pajamas @ KOHLS

D: Knit Touch Screen Gloves @Forever21

E: Wood Watch @ JORD

F: Honeycomb Infinity Scarf @Old Navy

G: Velvet Backpack @ GAP

H: Portable Wine Glass @ Goverre

I: 7pc Clinique Set @ Macy’s

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