My Winter Obessesion; Pedi•Pocket 

I’m pretty sure that I have an obsession with throws, blankets and anything fuzzy/warm to snuggle with. My fiancé is constantly telling me we don’t need any more blankets in our home and I’m constantly telling him that we do. Most of the time I won’t lie, they end up stacked up all over my couch and my bed and I just layer them up because I legitimately cannot choose one!

That has changed my friends!!

That has changed!!

I have been neglecting my fuzzy throws, I have even been neglecting my own comforter.. this is no joke! The Pedi-Pocket is my new jam around the homestead and it goes from room to room with me!

6 feet of pure plush comfiness and the best part is the little built in pocket of fabric at the bottom that you can slip your toes into so they don’t get cold(hence the pocket in Pedi•pocket😉)! V is totally a fan and I often catch her little fingers snagging it & covering up on the couch!

PediPocket is made to be used indoors or outdoors and is wrinkle free, machine washable and dryer friendly.

PediPocket is 70” by 50” providing almost 6 ft in length; no tucking needed.

My advice to you, go get a Pedi Pocket ! They come in all different colors and patterns.

PS; it’s too good to not give as a Christmas present so if you look at my previous post you’ll see its listed on my Gift Guide!😍

•• To get your own Pedi Pocket; Click Here

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