Stocking Stuffers for Her

Alright everyone, please join me in saying stockings are the total bomb! I don’t know why but you could get me the most amazing gifts and to me I would rather sit and dig through a stocking full of surprises and goodies! It’s like opening the greatest gift bag ever with all things geared at what you love!

In other words, stockings are my jam!

Chapsticks, make up brushes, warm mittens, fuzzy socks.. come on guys!

So what I did what gathered up some things that I totally love getting in my stocking every year & things that I have added to my stocking wish list.

Hope you enjoy!!

Each corresponding letter will have a link next to it & a brief description + location with highlighted link to buy for your reference.


A: Wet Brush @Target

B: Lindt Chocolate @Target

C: Coconut Body Butter @The Body Shop

D: Sugar Lip Treatment @Fresh

E: Cosmopolitan Magazine @Bonanza or your local drug store

F: Faux Furr Pom Beanie @A.Eagle

G: 4PC Essie Nail Set @Kohls

H: Muk Luks Slipper Socks @Kohls

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