My bed is always calling my name…

{Disclosure: Leesa provided product for me to review. However, all opinions stated here are always my own.}

If you’re like me, you never want to get out of bed in the morning. Unless I have something super important to do or something so fun that I literally cannot wait to get up and go go go… I am one of those people trying to soak every last second up in my bed. I think more or less for the past few years it has been because, mom-life. Before that I probably was just taking advantage of the time before mom-life.

The one thing that I have always struggled with however when getting out of bed is being extra achy and cramped up. I always thought it was possibly just because I have a lot of pain associated with an accident that leaves me very sore. I never thought in a million years it was just because I did not have the right mattress.

This is a little story about how I fell inlove with my bed and fell inlove with the Leesa Mattress. Now, rest assure I am not going to sit here and try to win you over promising that the bed will take away from your injury pain or your medical issues. I am not going to promise that the bed is a miracle worker and can rid you of of a literal medical diagnosis. What I am going to do is praise a mattress that has lead me to sleep through a full night which in turn is helping me feel better each morning. I am sleeping better because for once I have a mattress that molds to my body. The last mattress we had was a suppose to be memory foam. I do not know what that memory was that they promised but it was like sleeping on a cement floor every night. I woke up not wanting to get out of bed because I was up all night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, not because I was comfortable.

Something I wanted to share that I found to be a riot and also to tell you just how amazing this bed is. My fiance and I usually head into bed everynight to watch our favorite series on Netflix or a movie that is not animated. Since we have gotten the Leesa, the two of us have been found laying alone periodically throughout the day “just because”. At night, its a count down to see how much longer we have until we are sprawled out in our King Size bed as comfy as can be. I wanted to cut to the chase and share the line he said to me but I wanted to also just praise this bed a few more times. Anywho, when we were laying in the bed the other day he said to me..

“Dont you wish we had the Leesa at the beginnging of winter so we could have spent all of our snow days cuddled up in this bed”.


Our two year old daughter is mesmerized by the bed and she is also frequently caught just hanging out reading books or snuggling with one of our pets. At night she cuddles up in the middle trying to pass one over on us (sometimes it works because she’s adorable). All in all, this bed is a total hit with everyone in our family. The funny thing now is every time I have the radio on I hear the Leesa commercial and they say when they climb into bed they literally say “ahh”, it’s true!

Lastly, you’ll notice in the photos I have a single pillow present. This pillow is the Leesa memory foam pillow. I use to literally sleep with a firm pillow on the bottom and a down pillow on top of that because I never could find comfort with just one pillow. Now, I kid you not I only use the Leesa at night. I think it’s totally worth checking out and compliments the mattress well.

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Some facts about the Leesa that I wanted to share with you all..

• Driven by the mission to provide “A Better Place To Sleep for Everybody”,  Leesa donates one mattress to a shelter for every ten they sell through their One-ten program (over 22,000 mattresses donated so far!).

• Leesa also plants one tree for every mattress sold and donates 1% of each employee’s time to volunteer for local causes.

• Available online or at the Leesa Dream Gallery in SoHo NYC and Virginia Beach.

• American-made mattress ships compressed in a box to your door

• Try the mattress in your own home for 100 nights (risk-free!) with free shipping, always

• Leesa’s patented Universal Adaptive Feel™ is designed for all types of sleepers and features 3 premium foam layers:

o  2-inch Avena™ foam top layer for cooling and breathability

o 2-inch memory foam middle layer for body contouring and pressure relief

o 6-inch dense core support foam for durability and structure for sleepers of all sizes


  1. March 13, 2018 / 11:04 am

    That does look like a comfy bed. I’m am the same as you, HATE getting out of bed! If I had a bed like this I would NEVER get up. HAHA

  2. March 21, 2018 / 2:14 pm

    Cute photos! Your daughter is adorable! If I had a bed that comfy I would never get up! lol

    • March 21, 2018 / 2:52 pm

      It’s literally the best bed ever! && aww thank you so much for saying that 🙂

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