The Perfect Pair of Traveling Flats

Let’s face it, being a girl is hard work. Getting ready take more time than the actual event most of the time. Not to mention the 11 “girls only” bathroom trips to touch up your face or reposition your up-do. It’s never ending.

That’s not to say that dressing up can’t be fun and being a girl isn’t great, it’s just hard work. You agree, you know it! One thing I’ve found extra annoying especially since being a mother is that heels are just not happening. I use to love strapping on a pair of open toed heels to show off my freshly painted toes. It felt great. After running after a toddler all day long and standing on my feet at work I basically want to wear slippers or be barefoot.

The answer to all my high heel || date night out problems — Talaria Flats.

These adorable little flats that may I add in are comfy fold right up and slip into the cutest little pouch. I tuck them into my purse or diaper bag if the little is with us and I’m on the move.

I love matching with my daughter and being comfy is just ten times better.

The stylish ballet flat that you can tuck away and take with you to weddings, birthdays or just a night out. The best part is now they have children’s sizes so you can match with your little one.

To check out Talaria Flats yourself click 🙂


  1. April 18, 2018 / 2:32 am

    Those are the cutest matching flats!!!!

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