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This post is sponsored by Crazy 8. All content and opinions remain my own. #DareToSummer

You’re bolder in the summer. Aren’t you? After the anticipation of the summer time fun all winter long when the first warm day hits you’re right to the flip flops and shorts to celebrate. It’s time to let loose,

go places and make memories that you will remember forever. Whether you want to have the cutest bathing suit at the beach or the trendiest dress as the summer block party, Crazy 8 has your back!

After following the dress code rules all year round or just being plain old tired of leggings and sweaters, it’s time to let loose and enjoy the summer. Crazy 8 has all the fashion you need to #DaretoSummer.

Crazy 8’s summer collections have all the fashion you need to show of your kid’s individual style and #DaretoSummer and all of their clothes are age appropriate. My daughter just loves to visit their local store and see all of the bright colors (the shoes are her favorite)! There is always going to be something that stands out to you for your child’s personality!

For V, my almost 3-year old daughter, she only wears dresses and rompers. Even when it comes to shorts she tells me she would rather a dress or tries to change into one as soon as we get home. However, she loves rompers too and we call them “shorts dresses” so the star spangled romper was a no brainer for us. This Star Chambray Romper makes for the cutest outfit for the summer holidays too, double win!

Accessories for the summer not just specifically chosen for this outfit but also that will go with any other cute outfit are as follows:

Every item that we picked for V, she has approved of. She actually loves to wear her headbands which for me wasn’t always easy to get her to do. We are making Crazy 8 our go to store when shopping for summer clothes as you should do too! There is something for everyone. Whether it be a pair of jelly shoes for your little lady or a pineapple button up shirt for a little man, they’ve got it!

Do you have a favorite trend this summer? Check out Crazy 8 find your favorite style and comment back here to let me know what you find! 🙂

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