Beach Diaries | Plum Island, MA.

So I figured with summer here I would share some of our favorite beaches in New England for anyone looking for a family friendly beach to visit.

This year was our first year trying Plum Island and seriously you guys, it’s incredible! I’m a little late to getting around to this because well, summer is busy and life is busier. We went about two weeks ago so not too late. So the first beach on our list is Plum Island, Ma. (Coordinates on location)

My friend had referred me to the beach because she had just gone a few days prior with her boyfriend and his daughter and they said the water was clear and clean and the vicinity surrounding was unbeatable!

My initial reaction heading to the beach were the beautiful Newburyport houses. I’m thinking in my head “wow, I’d love to live here”. Once you make it close to the beach you’ll find little shops and quick places to grab a bite! The parking is right in front of the beach which makes the walk to the sand quick and painless. We all dread carrying coolers and beach toys along with a sweaty toddler or more.

Right when you hit the beach, porter potties which aren’t anyone’s favorite but hey you gotta go, you gotta go! The sand wasn’t too hot, it was clean! No seaweed scattered all over and there were rocks right in the middle of two sides of the beach that the kids can look for crabs in! My fav!

We were finding seashells left and right! The water was so clean and surprisingly not freezing beyond belief. For mid June I was able to go in up to my hips.

Most of the guests on the beach were families and older couples so it made for a relaxing time!

Once you leave the beach if you have time or are staying locally, checking out Newburyport for the afternoon or night would be the cherry on top of the trip. We drove through to leave the beach and I was in awe of the beautiful brick walkways and all of the restaurants and stores! It could keep my busy for hours! That’s for a different day though 🙂

I highly recommend heading to Plum Island if you’re in the area or driving to Massachusetts isn’t a problem for you! It’s hit the top of my lists for favorite beaches to take my family!


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      Aw thanks so much 🙂 glad you enjoyed!

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