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I feel like part of the hype with being an ‘Instagram mom’ or even a blogger of any nature is obviously the themed posts around the holidays. You always want to see what fun foods everyone is cooking up or serving. What coordinated outfits someone picked out for their family down the to matching dog collar on the loved Pomeranian pup. What products people are advertising to help you get through the holiday or for enjoyment.

Then there is me

One thing I promised myself as a blogger and a social media influencer is that my time with family would never be compromised.

Now, very clearly I want to state that I am not knocking a single person that does post on holidays because I thoroughly enjoy seeing the posts with all of the fun-filled activities and colors with yes, even that Pom pup! I just prefer to keep rolling with things the way I do them.

I may upload to my stories on holidays and the same with even weekends but typically I try to avoid posting just to soak in every single moment with my family. I find when I post to social media I tend to stalk my post just to see how it’s doing and what friends/viewers think of it and to obviously interact. My main goal of starting this account was to do just that, interact!

When I say weekend too, it’s because I semi treat the weekends just like holidays. I take in all of the feels and every emotion whether smiles at the playground or snuggles on the couch, that’s just how I do it. Sometimes if there’s down time at night or even in the afternoon and I find I’m doing nothing I’ll pop in and post but it’s a rare occasion.

Most of the time when a holiday is coming up I’ll join in with everyone posting up to the date and even the day after do a little recap (such as this post) just to say “hey, I’m not a Scrooge”.

Yesterday, being the Fourth of July we spent the day on the lake with Ts family. They just bought a house on a lake and spent the winter redoing it. So we slept in, did a little yard work and were off to spend the whole day on the water. I shot a view insta-stories just to share some fun stuff we were doing but that was about it! Today, I’ll recap here and probably on Instagram just to share some fun stuff but I am always happier looking back knowing my phone wasn’t glued to my hand!

However you decide to take on your journey as a blogger – social media influencer is totally up to you. Everyone has their own routine and this is mine 😉

Here are a few cute pics I wanted to share from our holiday yesterday!!!

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