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Mmmmmm… where to begin with this beach!

So my daughters birthday was today (although I’ll post this tomorrow) so you’ll read it as yesterday 😉 catch my drift… anyways so every year I do mommy & me day followed by family cake at night when daddy gets home and the grandparents come over. Back on track, the beach… this is what we did this year for her. I asked her what she wanted to do and she told me the beach so I thought of the closest one to get to seeings it was Friday and 9:50 already! Packed up quick, hit a little traffic made it in just a few minutes over an hour. Not bad for Friday on 495.

Anyways…As a kid, Hampton Beach + Salisbury Beach were the places to be. I often visited even well into my 20’s. However, I have not been in a few years and it has changed a bit. I have mixed feelings about this beach and who would I be to offer my opinion if it wasn’t totally honest? Not a good blogger is the answer.

When we first got there parking was $10, steal! That’s a total win in my book and the parking is right outside of the boardwalk area which is just a few short storefronts away from the sand. The same places to eat and shop have been there since I can remember but also there was a newer pavilion restaurant style deal to the left of the beach that looked really nice! The other stores and restaurants are older and not so up-to date. There’s a giant carousel in the middle of the little boardwalk that’s cute for kids. Lots of pizza and fried food options, with the icecream shops in between. The obvious beach T-shirt shops as well and an arcade. The sidewalks and stuff are clean just a tad out of date. The icecream place that is at the end of the boardwalk I believe Willeys, super cute and yummy!

The beach was extremely crowded but it was mostly families and less of the teenager/young 20s party type, which I liked. Places with children are easier to enjoy because you know everyone around you is focused on the their kids and it’s not loud and obnoxious music or partying.

The water was so warm, mid to end of July here, but really warm. There was no trash on the beach really clean!

However, the amount of seagulls was intense. We actually had to leave because V got Cheetos snagged from literally right next to her and then 6 more seagulls flocked down and began fighting viciously basically on our towel. V screamed and cried climbing my body as I tried to gather our stuff to rush out. Seagulls are totally normal at a beach but a seagull fight club on your towel, that was a first.

The bathrooms are at the other end of the boardwalk which is super inconvenient and they aren’t the cleanest most promising bathrooms.

Overall, probably won’t be going back to this boardwalk area as it’s pretty rundown but the beach itself is clean and beautiful. Side note; if you take a right before the boardwalk and head to the state park reservation it’s clean and there is a playground down there which we went to a few years back. I just figured I would give a shot at a childhood favorite!!!

PS: we had a great day 😉 happy birthday to my baby girl!💕🌊🎂

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