The ups & downs of vacation

Well, it’s over it’s done and gone. I’m not that sad. This years vacation ranked in the number one spot of the worst vacation I’ve had. The optimistic side of me is like Ashley just tell about the good stuff because I’ve already caught you guys up on the bad, but.. I’m inclined to tell each end of this.

The bad, kidney stones, sleepless nights, rainy weather and a child who cried to go home. In all of the times we have spent away from home Vey has never once cried to go home and always has just enjoyed herself. When we visited Atlanta she actually cried that she didn’t want to go home. This time, total opposite. Every night she cried for her own bed, her dog, her own house. It was so sad! Almost every night she woke up multiple times screaming in her sleep to go home and even woke up and wanted to go at times of 2 & 3am. I myself was having such a tough time fighting the pain of kidney stones (which now I am being seen to see what’s wrong with them because of some abnormal lab results, that’s for another day). It was just long and tiring and felt “wrong” keeping my child somewhere she was so uncomfortable. We actually left two days early due to this. Oh well!

Okay, okay! Here is the optimistic Ashley. The weather cleared up for the second half of vacation. The waves were super harsh and the water was filled with seaweed and bugs for the first half of the day each day due to the storms which was super annoying. However, V loved the sand and running around and we had a great time with family. So that’s the positive.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the vacation!

My dad and V above

My mom and V below

Our favorite restaurant in OOB – The Clambake

At the end of the day it was a week away with family and some beautiful memories were made.

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