Mother’s Day with Sincerely Silver.

Superman, Batman, Captain America..

Superheroes that everyone knows and loves. The super heroes that impact the most however aren’t the ones we watched on TV while growing up. They are the people that exist in our everyday life. The people that did everything for us and always showed us unconditional love. The people that built block towers with us, took us to the park and bandaged the battle wounds we got there. They are the individuals that paved the way and taught lessons we weren’t even aware of on the way.

My superheroes were two women that dropped their lives to make sure I was nothing short of happy. Not everyone’s childhood is a fairytale, not everyone grows up in a house with a white picket fence. The thing that matters most is who is in the home and who makes the house a home.

My favorite memories from being a child are ones that I shared with my mom and my my grandmother “Grammy”. We would get lunch at favorite local spots or head to Bradley’s on the weekend to do some girls day shopping. Watching movies on the couch like Dirty Dancing and The Mighty Ducks brought nothing but smiles to my face. No matter what we did we did it as a little pack.

I remember laying on the couch in the living room which was a room away from the kitchen and their soft voices speaking to one another brought a sense of ease. I would close my eyes and listen to their conversations and let my body slip into a deep sleep. Comfort came from something so simple.

I’ll forever hold the small memories of the three of us spending countless days and endless times being together as close to my heart as you can get.

Now however many years later I have a daughter, a three and a half year old daughter. A daughter I raise the same way I was raised. A daughter that hears the same two stories that these two women made up and rehearsed to me nightly. A daughter who goes to lunch with her GG/Geeg (my mother) and sometimes ever her Gram-Gram (my Grammy). She feels the same love that I felt and will learn the same life lessons that I learned. I will pave the way for her and I will unconditionally love her and make sure she knows it.

This Mother’s Day I am acknowledging what the day means to me by remembering the three of us when I was little and carrying out tradition with the three of us now.

Sincerely Silvers Generations Necklace is the perfect way to remember and depict the two relationships that have built me into who I am today. The perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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