“Vacation” PT I…

Hey friends, should buy a diary, need to buy a diary but instead you’ll hear all about it….

I just took a trip which was suppose to be a joint birthday getaway with my best friend that turned into a getaway to a wedding for my cousin/friend with my other friends.

I’d love to get into all the details about why it sucked but I’m not going to throw dirt. I do however want to point out all the minutes I checked my phone to see how much longer it would be before I got to board my flight out of there and get back home. Get back home to my baby girl. Get back home to my own bed. Get back home to my family. Get back home to all my four legged loves. Get back home so I could see my doctor and get myself better.

I woke up at 5am Sunday morning to leave. When I say woke up, I’m laughing because I so was already awake. The day before was my little brothers high-school graduation and it was a busy day. I got home with V at 8:30, we showered up and got ready for a late bed time. The late bed time and the news that I was about to not be home the next day hit her like a ton of bricks. She was not happy, not happy at all. It ended up being a mommy in V’s bed holding her hand until 1:45am type of night. There were monsters (she’s never had an issue with this before) and she didn’t want to miss me (the real issue at hand). I tried to sleep but the tiny hand slaps to the face as she tried to check if I was still there every 6 seconds made it impossible.

I snuck out! Finally! T had no understanding of what time it was or where I had been, lucky him, sleep was on his schedule I guess.

2am the food that I ate and the drinks that I had finally all caught up with me and my stomach hated me. I hated my stomach right back. I thought I just over exerted myself on the goodies and dips but nope, little did I know I’d be in for it the whole “vacation”. 230am my best friend who is picking me up in 2.5 hours and I are chatting about how we can’t sleep and I’m sick. Oh what fun.

4am-5am possibly slept possibly just closed my eyes and prayed to sleep. Not sure, need to get a fit bit. Santa if you’re reading, I’ll take it in gray for Christmas and yes I’ll be a good girl.

That’s how the beginning of the longest most up and down vacation went of my life and there’s so much more where it came from.

The good news; I got over my fear of flying I’m pretty sure and I even slept the entire way there, which NEVER would have happened without that sleepless night. I found a little good in the bad, see!

I typically don’t even write long posts like this so I’m going to do you all a favor and break it up. I’ll start off with the bad, throw in some good, toss out a little more bad and then end on a zen vibe!

Cheers to loving my bed and my daughter, I’m sorry. Thanks Drake for the inspiration on my send off.

Talk soon! 💋

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