Summer Stole my Blogging Momentum.

There it is, the reason I haven’t been on here as much as I want to be… The summer stole it, stole it all.

I’m wiped from the summer sun. I’m scrambling to make food for events and cookouts, half the time I forget I even have to go somewhere. We planned vacations and birthdays and this and that and where the heck has summer even gone?

The time I love the most, most of you can agree, summer is the best. But my god, it’s a hog. Hogs all your time and energy, but in a good way!

I always try to write a personal piece at least once a month and then you’ll see I wrote about a little concoction of topics as well. Lately, I get a great idea and then I fall asleep. Not even joking. Writing at night has always been my thing but more than ever in my life, sleeping early is my thing. Maybe it’s because I got that big 3-0! Blah! Don’t even want to think about it.

Summer has just a way of creeping up on you and then escaping before you even know it. You have all of these great ideas and lists of things to do and places to go, but then it becomes more go with the flow. By flow I mean fitting in your flow with everyone you knows cousins birthdays, daughters graduations, grandmothers retirement party and the list goes on. It seems like summer is the time when everything happens and you can’t make what happen, what you actually want to happen.

Like I said I’m not complaining, I love this season more than I can put into words. I guess as you get older it seems to become way more of juggling plans and people than it is what we actually want. I’m taking charge in August people, it’ll be the back end of the summer that I own.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also had my events that people attended (again more running around + planning). I’ve enjoyed the beach (only once, Debbie Downer). I have had more pool days with the family than any other year, giant win! But there’s still a lot I wanted to get done on here, on my space to share.

Plan to see me more on here and plan to hear about the things I want to do and not things I just “have to do”…. hopefully! 😉

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