Favorites of Fall 🍁

Mmmmm! Apple pie is cooking and the window is open with just enough breeze to make the whole house feel crisp without being cold and carry the scent into every room. Fall, what a season! Yes, I am without a doubt a summer girl (hello my birthday is in summer) but fall, fall is incomparable!

I know Christmas brings magic, spring brings flowers and paves the way to warm weather but fall… fall is just come on!

I honestly feel like I can’t even wrap what fall is into one word. It’s feelings, it’s smells, its beauty, it’s yummy, it’s cozy… it’s just so many things!So instead of sitting here and rambling off words for you why don’t I just tell you what my favorite things about fall are..

  • Burning candles, literally in every room. My current favorite that is burning is Ciderhouse by Yankee Candle.
  • Wrapping up in a plush throw with the window open to watch a movie. I’m currently wrapped up in the cutest Target Pink Pom Plush Throw.
  • Watching scary movies. My favorite to watch during Halloween is any of the Scream movies or any of the Halloween movies. Obviously Hocus Pocus too!
    Transitioning into booties/boots instead of sandals. I have way too many favorite booties currently but I just did purchase a really cute pair from FairyMiss Furr Heel Boots. I have them in gray and love them!
    The FOOD! Okay, I couldn’t list all the food I love but crock pot is the jam and anything I can throw in there I’m all about. Also, anything baked. Apple crisp especially.
    Sherpa… yes that gets its own little “•”. I have grown overly fond. I just bought two more today. Linking the favorite from today! Old Navy Plush Sherpa.
    Apple + Pumpkin picking! We just went this weekend and it seriously sets the whole mood for the fall. The smells of the orchard and the tastes of the fresh apples right off of the trees. Nothing can beat it.
    Taking walks or even hikes. The air is so different. You can breathe. It’s not hot and you’re not sweating wishing you were out of water, you’re enjoying nature more and can because you’re comfortable.
    Foliage – Not everyone can experience it the way we can in New England, sorry folks. The changing of the leaves, there is absolutely nothing like it. Just driving my daughter to school or the commute to work is that much more enjoyable, to see the views.

Lastly and most importantly, family. The holidays are coming and you’re with family more and more which cannot be in comparison to anything above!

Again, Happy Fall!

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