“My Fav Things” – New Addition to my Site.

For so long now I’ve scrolled my page and thought, what am I missing? There’s been something that I’ve always wanted to do, but for some odd reason just never could get myself to actually do it. So I am so beyond excited to share with you now, drum roll please…. (insert drum roll noise)

” My Fav Things”

On my Instagram account ThisLittleMom I have always had a highlight “my fav things” but it was more just a random place for me to keep things that I seen that I liked. I have one for my daughter as well, which again, hardly ever use.

So last night as I was sitting up not being able to sleep, per usual, as I was adding item after item to my wish list and shopping cart, I was like (lightbulb)! So yes I said oh my gosh let’s just start adding things I like on here to my Instagram & blog. It’s a fun new way I can connect my finds with you without having to be a total fashion guru. Just a mom/woman who loves certain things, wants certain things or splurges and buys certain things.

You guys know me well enough from past gift guides and purchases I’ve shared I do not spend massive amounts of money on items. I am a frugal spender with the occasional over the top purchase. I mainly shop Old Navy, Target, Kohl’s, Macy’s and so on and so forth. Although I’d love a closet full of Louis I typically have a bunch of bags I found on a great sale!

So if you’re into finding cute items for yourself, your hubby, your littles and even the pets I’m your girl. I’m sure you’ll get some home items in there as well because hello, candles and decorations are the best! I will update everything on my blog site probably bi-weekly just adding new items or freshening up what I have on there. However, everything that I add here will most likely be on my highlights “my fav things” on Instagram so if you wanted to go back through and find it, it will be there.

Once I take stuff down I may do a recap in the form of a blog piece with my must have picks out of the favorites or a round up of all of them! Definitely reach out or comment & tell me what you think or what you’d want to see.

If you guys have an special requests or questions about stuff I share, totally just reach out you know I’ll give you the 4-1-1 on anything! I am so excited about this new fun adventure I’m going on and super excited to take you all with me.

Sharing my first few favorites below!

(Simply click the image to shop the item)

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