Mickeys Merry Christmas in Disney World.

“Disney World; the place where kids can just be kids and parents can do the same! The Magic never gets old.✨”

This little quote was actually my caption for my Instagram photo of my little lady visiting with all of her favorite Disney princesses at Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party! It’s so crazy that one year can make such a drastic change. Last year we were racing around the park to get to Mickey and Minnie, Pluto and Goofy. This year it was a persistent little four year old begging to meet all of her beloved Disney princesses. It was beyond adorable. My heart was so full watching her eyes light up and her smile reach from ear to ear as she approached the girls that she dresses up as at home day after day pretending to be. Her little world became something so real and so magical, I was blessed to be there to watch it all. She was able to see Prince Charming and Aladdin along with so many classic characters that aren’t always at the park. The surprises were endless and the smiles were priceless.

When I say the surprises were endless I mean it. As we first arrived we heard Christmas music and immediately noticed all of the beautiful Christmas decorations throughout the whole park. A giant Christmas tree at the beginning of Main Street with tinsel and garland galore on every pole, trim and window. We were told that at every inflatable candy cane we would be given a treat of some sort. Yum! Giant sugar cookies, hot coa-coa, cider and pretzels. Snacks and drinks to make you feel like you’re right in the midst of the holidays.

I could go on and on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party will have multiple displays of fireworks, Frozen and Mickey Mouse stage shows, musical holiday-themed entertainment, a parade (two times 8:30/11:00pm) complete with snowfall from locations on Main Street. We also found that the lines and wait times seemed to be quite a bit shorter but a fast pass would still be beneficial per usual for the rides everyone fights over.

I’m going to share a few things that were my favorite from a mother’s/adult point of view with a few tips and then a few of Vs favorite things, a four year olds perspective.

Tips and Favs from Me

  • For tips, I’m going to offer a few things that we either thought of or wished we thought of.
    • Keep in mind you’re going to get there at 4pm as the party starts at 7pm but the crowds will still be decent as everyone else who has regular admission for the day gets to stay there until 6pm.
      Take as many photos as you can when you get there, family photos in front of the castle, photos on Main Street, as it will get dark shortly after you get there, around 5:30!
      Map out where you want to be in accordance while keeping in mind the times of the shows and parades. We chose to head to the 11pm parade which was yes exhausting and cold, but well worth it as we hit rides and met characters while most of the park was at the 8:30 parade.
      Download the Disney World app prior. This will show you wait times for rides, locations of the characters and during the holidays you can find the candy canes which is where the treats are located (giant cookie/ got chocolate).
      Get a curb spot for the parade, you want to be there atleast 1 hour before the parade and it will be about 1.45 minutes total for it all. Brings snacks, drinks and possibly a blanket. You’ll want to sit the whole time you’re waiting, trust me. If you can have a family member hold your spot while you take the littles to do something, that is ideal.
      Dress warm, it’s Florida, yes! But it’s freezing! We had 45 degree weather at night with snow fall that although was fake, felt real. It was nippy. Dressing cute is fine prior to the sunset but bring warm clothes and shoes for the end of the evening.
      Bring a blanket or gloves and a hat! Again, it doesn’t feel like Florida once the sun sets.
      Watch your child’s face as much as possible and don’t worry so much about uploading every moment to social media.

    My new favorite photo; in a chaotic moment this little beauty caught my eye.

    Favs from V

    • Meeting Moana
    • Meeting Elsa
    • The fireworks
    • Having cookies
    • Watching the parade and dancing with the elves while everyone clapped for me.
    • Having mommy, daddy, Grammy and my family there with me!
    • Santa was in the parade.

    Well, that’s straight from a four years old mouth, her favorites! Please tell me how sweet she is for saying that her family was there! Love it!

    Last tip… be prepared to carry a very tired child out of the park, onto the monorail or boat and all the way to your car. I’d probably start lifting like yesterday. My arms killed and she only wanted me, but it was all worth it. For this reason, I recommend getting a spot for the parade as close to the end of Main Street neatest the exit as possible.

    We hope you enjoy & happy holidays!

    The smallest yawn while waiting for the parade.

    This post was #sponsored by Disney.

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