Safe TV streaming for your children with Kidoodle.TV!

Keeping an eye on what our children watch is a never ending battle. Is it safe, educational, age appropriate? The list goes on.

When V started asking to watch shows on her tablet or on my phone, my brain was a boggled mess. First of all, how did my tiny little newborn baby I just brought home from the hospital end up being this miniature adult of a four year old. The worry only grows as your child grows for us parents. It was an obstacle nonetheless and on top of that a giant pit in my stomach.

Then we stumbled into something amazing, Kidoodle.TV, now all of those worries are long gone when it comes to monitoring what she is watching. Kidoodle.TV offers over 15,000 episodes of safe children’s content which you can watch on over 1000 devices, such as Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku & connected TV’s. Kidoodle.TV is a free premiere streaming service devoted to providing safe and engaging experiences for children. It’s as easy as signing up. You put in your child’s age, your email and the rest is easy as FREE.

Now V is always asking to watch Sunny Bunnies or L.E.G.O Friends which is a current favorite. You can listen to music, explore and learn, watch tv and movies all while knowing it is safe for your children. I can trust that if she’s watching her tv she’s watching something I approve. I can trust if she’s on my phone she’s listening to something that I approve. The shows are adorable and the selection is amazing. Mom win, kid win!

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