Learning Math with the Elephant Learning App.

My daughter was 2.5 years old and we were ready to register her for preschool the following fall as 3 year old preschool student. As I recall my palms were sweating, my anxiety is was out of control and my heart was racing beyond fast. I’m my gut I knew something wasn’t right. We however, reserved our spot and went home. My mother was a preschool teacher and was home watching V as I worked from the time she was just two months old. I kept hearing other little children speak and wondered why my daughter wasn’t there yet. That year she had 7 ear infections already. Being a mother I had to get to the bottom of this. We switched her primary care physician from pediatrics to my very own doctor. We got her an appointment with the ENT and within a month we had found out V had no movement in either ear drum and she wasn’t hearing vibrations from words. Automatically, I knew things might end up being a challenge for preschool.

We decided to keep her home an extra few months, she had surgery for tubes and immediately she was talking more and clearer than before. Her education worried me for some time because I kept thinking she would be behind. I’ve worked on school at home with her while she has attended preschool with her peers and have always been on the lookout for ways to encourage her educational growth while not being too overbearing. Her teachers all assured me she is right where she needs to be and they are happy with her improvement and standing.

Even though V attends preschool as I said, we are constantly trying to work to achieve higher from home as well. I was given the opportunity to use the Elephant Learning app and within a week alone, we were amazed. V is jumping right into her tablet or asking for my phone to count bananas and basketballs. She actually wants to try to do these curriculum and is excited to learn.

At just 4.5 years old my daughter is already succeeding with math skills that a year or so ago I would have thought would have taken years of school and practice. This makes it fun for her knowing that she can do it all on her own. She tells me she is a big girl every time and gets so exited when she does the work correctly.

On average, children using this system learn 1.5 years of mathematics over the course of 10 weeks when they use the system just 30 minutes per week. Elephant Learning is 100% compatible with all school curriculums because they focus on concepts rather than procedures, thereby enhancing the classroom experience.

Screen time that is actually strengthening our children, it’s a parent win for sure. Their curriculum covers from counting to fractions, decimals, percentages, and Algebra. My daughter is committed to trying to get the problems wrong because to her it is fun, she wants to “win” or get the question correct.

Try it for yourself by clicking here Elephant Learning and as a brand affiliate I do earn from qualifying purchases.

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