Vermont’s Most Beautiful Address; The Woodstock Inn & Resort

Do you ever watch movies or television shows and see places that you think to yourself, “wow I’d love to go somewhere like that”?

Growing up I’ve always loved Lifetime movies and also shows like Gillmore Girls. The quaint little towns where everyone is friendly, there’s mom & pops stores at every corner, a small Central Park or spot to gather and a sense of calm. Good news! I found a place that meets all of the above and way more in Woodstock, Vermont.

It’s only a mere 2.5 hours from home and it felt like everything I had imagined it would feel like. We took off on Sunday morning, the three generations of girls. My mother, myself and V. This is the first time that we have done anything like this so to get away together to bond with one another, have some much needed girl time and make memories were the goals of the trip.

Driving up to Vermont we sang songs and just talked, enjoying some of the views. As we entered the town and towns leading into it was a breath of fresh air, literally. No traffic, no factories and no loud noise. Land, animals and all the little Antique stores you could find.

We reached the central part of town and across from the common was our destination, The Woodstock Inn & Resort

“Vermont’s most beautiful address”

Pulling in I semi felt like I was Kevin McCallister pulling up to the Plaza Hotel, just without the busy city, limo or cheese pizza all to myself. More like a white Jeep and a toddler who had to pee. It was a luxurious and beautifully detailed establishment, unlike a place I’ve ever seen, all while feeling cozy and like home. There were kids which is always a good sign when you’re traveling with your little and the lobby smelled like fresh cookies (yes, there is cookie hour everyday at 4pm) and there was a fire blazing with families, couples and singles all just enjoying one another and the atmosphere.

When we arrived we were welcomed so warmly and brought up to our Collection Style room, with the theme “The Seasons“. I wish I had one word to describe this room but there were too many unique details. Also, talk about about space. We walked into our black and white checkered entry way, a mini kitchen area to the right, a stunning bathroom loaded with toiletries to the left and ahead a mini living area. We got to relax in the living area with a couch, a chair accompanied by a flat screen until it was time to head back into the most comfortable posted queen beds.

We snuggled up in the plush terry robes to eat the delicious chartreuse board left for us to enjoy with a bottle of Cabernet & a welcome note. Thoughtful is an understatement.

There was not a single thing I could say bad about our stay or wish for anything to have been done differently. We ate wonderful food, room service and in the restaurants on site. Breakfast was the largest spread of assorted food and impeccable service. The staff we beyond friendly and my child even made a bestie while staying. We shared conversations with lovely people and the list goes on. We even tried to cross country ski for the first time at the Nordic Center and had a blast! You can always check my Instagram stories highlights for fun videos and photos of more of our trip. We hope one day to go back!

Thank you Woodstock Inn & Resort for having us. It is a time we will never forget!

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