Getting Outdoors.

With everything that’s going on in the current, it’s hard to wrap our heads around it all. We want to first feel scared, we want to get mad and we definitely all feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

The basics are what we have to do, I for one am grateful that we even have that. I keep seeing the quote “you are not stuck at home, you are safe at home” and I could not agree more. I cannot get into this in too much detail band cause I am trying to not being over baring with the pandemic on myself or anyone else.

As a person who has suffered from a panic disorder & anxiety for as much of my life as I can remember, it’s always been staying busy that keeps me grounded. In the time I’ve been in this stay at home order, where we are basically bound to our homes and the outdoors surrounding our homes, I’ve connected the dots. I have found the simple joys in life to be more helpful to maintaining a clear mind and realized that perhaps a lot of my energy and time prior was spent on activities that just were not as important or as vital as I thought.

We have been taking daily walks as we always do with the dogs around the block but have incorporated taking small hikes and walks into beautiful areas of our town that we had forgotten about.

Bringing V to spots I have enjoyed as a kid or teenager, reminding myself of times that I was so happy and connecting back with those feelings has been keeping me in great spirits. I’m finding the positive in the negative and encourage everyone to try.

V over the past few weeks has went from being outside walking for a few minutes saying she’s ready to head home and play with toys to a child who doesn’t want to stop the hike. Asking can we go a little further, can we see a little more and getting excited about the next time we can come back. I am grateful for the outdoors and being able to provide positive energy for my daughter during this time.

Keeping her entertained doesn’t have to be with board games, movies or school work. Teaching her doesn’t have to be out of a book. Learning more about my child and having her learn more about where she is from and seeing the beauty of being outdoors and how good it feels, that’s what I feel has been best for not only her but myself as well. Letting her run free, get fresh air and build on our bond has been rewarding to watch.

XO Stay safe!


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