Easter this Year.

Hoping everyone who celebrated Easter this year had a great day, made the best of the day and tried to enjoy their blessings as best as possible.

Easter was not going to be “normal” this year because let’s face it, nothing is normal right now. I went into the holiday a little down about not getting to be surrounded by family but quickly reminded myself to be thankful for who I have by my side and for the blessings I have in my life.

I didn’t want to sound lazy but so what if I wanted to be? I told T I just didn’t feel like heading back to the grocery store for all of the fixings, to prepare the whole morning for a lunch that would be over in 20 minutes with more time to have to clean after. I just wanted to wake up and enjoy being around my daughter and make the day completely about her.

So we placed our take out order at a steak house a few towns up and had our pick up time in place. We woke up extra early thanks to a special little lady who never wakes up early but because mom and dad decided to binge Netflix until all hours the night before Easter, she chose that morning to get up for 6:15!

She was so ecstatic about the EB coming to town she neglected her exhaustion and sleepy sand filled eyes by proceeding to strut out to the garage and tell us to get our jackets on. She was ripping and roaring to get out the door and so barely awake we treaded into the cold for a few laughs and an Easter egg hunt.

We came back inside opened them all up; dug through here Easter basket and played with all of the gadgets she got, also definitely eating chocolate at perhaps 7am (no rules apply on holidays). The day slowly progressed, we grabbed some coffees and donuts for breakfast and hung around until lunch. We all decided to get dressed but not overly dressed, ate a delicious meal with way too much food. I’d honestly eat that exact meal every single day, if it includes mashed potatoes, include me!

Headed to the front lawn for a surprise road parade the town put on with his truly, the EB riding on the back of the fire truck waving at all of the families as they stood on their lawns with smiles on their faces! Honesty, I think it made my day too.

Ended the day with a little fire outside and some playing on the swing set!

Although it wasn’t the usual Easter, honestly I really can’t complain. Our child was happy, so that means we were happy.

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