Mother’s Day.

It’s a broken record by now, we are all struggling to find peace within the chaos and trying to cope with the “new normal”.

Mother’s Day was always a time for family. It was my daughter and I spending the day with my mom, aunts, grandmas and surrounding ourselves with love and laughs (not to mention amazing food). We have always gotten together for lunch, my dads treat and just embraced one another while dining and catching up on the family jibber jabber.

Last year, there were some unexpected occurrences that lead our family to not be together for any spring/summer holiday including Mother’s Day, Fathers Day and Easter. It was hard to grasp but again we did the best we all could and designed a temporary new normal for the time being. Once Christmas rolled around things were back to normal and we were already planning for the lost time and how wonderful it would be to enjoy the celebrations this year. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t hard, it still is but going through it once before I know there will be a time again where we are together, so I just hold onto the little bit of optimism I have left and push through.

The date yesterday was special in all its own ways. I woke up surprised to a gift of a back massager Ive been eyeing up on Amazon but the greatest gift of all was a poster board that my little lady and T decorated with photos of us all and adorable messages hand written by my leading lady. Following, breakfast from my favorite local joint with an iced cold coffee. I got to sleep in and lounge and it felt so good.

Bouquet; Field Bouquet

V and I made together a frame for each of the moms in the family. She chose a photo she wanted to go inside and decorated each with a little dose of love. We wrapped them up in a simple pink tissue paper, attached a cutout flower and tag for each mother and off into the car we went. It was the big activity of the day for sure, talking through windows or from 6 feet apart, maybe just a toss in the mailbox but it was fun for us all.

Flower & Tags : Oliveandeve on Instagram

A beautiful card from my parents to feel loved. One of my aunts made everyone cookies for everyone and delivered to doorsteps and another aunt touched us all with her thoughtful gift. My nana passed away years ago, we always say when we see a butterfly that it’s her joining us. My aunt delivered to each of us a butterfly solar light decoration for the garden and flowers to plant. A little piece of her was with us all I think a reminder that we still despite the feelings, aren’t alone. I loved!

We ended the day with lobster rolls from a favorite restaurant and it hit the spot. All in all it was a great day, it wasn’t “normal” but it was great.

I’m learning that the things I cannot control, cannot and will not take away from the things that I can control which is spreading love and being positive.

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