Choosing the Right Food for our Four-Legged Family Members.

It’s been nothing but smooth sailing and puppy tail wagging over here since we introduced our furry four-legged family members to Naked Dog Food.

I admit, I was a little hesitant at first, switching my dogs food but I went through with it and let’s just say we all couldn’t be happier. When I open the door to get their bags of food to fill their bowls I don’t see a pair of dogs laying around making no effort to start choking down. I see eight legs, two tails and too much excitement to contain. They love it!

It makes us feel good that we are providing the best of the best to the family members who bring us nothing but smiling faces and full heart, also a little drool and big messes but that’s besides the point. Naked Dog Food gives us peace of mind knowing their dog food is mad with 100% REAL fish. No more guessing what’s really in the bag of dog food and no more wondering if your dogs actually enjoy what you’re giving them.

You can find out every detail you need to know about Naked Dog by checking out my previous blog post stocked full with information. You can also note the happy dogs in my photos!

NAKED Dog is available at Big Y retailers, and comes in 4 lb. and 11 lb. bags.

Flavor/recipes include:

– Wild Cod:

 Wild Salmon:

  Wild Haddock:

If you live outside of Massachusetts and Connecticut, Naked Dog Food is available for direct delivery with FREE Shipping!

Check out the full list of ingredients here! (Just substitute the fish variety for the 1st ingredient).

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email Naked Dog directly at

Instagram: @nakeddog

Facebook: @NakedDogFood


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