Finding the perfect Apples.

Apple picking 2020 was a success. I mean you’re pretty much a professional on your fifth year or thats what V told us at least!

A favorite spot to take rides & our favorite spot to grab an icecream and see the horses, just a literal town over and in my 31 years of life I’ve never been apple picking there! I’m going to say right now though, I was so pleased with it all. We all were! We have been traveling around each year to “find a gem” of a place and experience what I’m not exactly sure and all along we had this amazing PYO and country store within a short car ride! It’s funny how you can think you have seen and done it all when you live in a small town, yet it can still surprise you!

When we arrived we noticed the parking lot was pretty packed even though it was small and we were thinking this could either go in our favor or opposite. It went in our favor for sure though. We got right in line, noticed there were stations all over for hand sanitizing and the mask rule was that if you were out in the open you didn’t need one as long as no other families were close by, not really too hard to follow and the weather was great so it wasn’t too hot to wear one. We only probably had to mask up twice while out in the orchard and then in the country store which was a given.

We was a pro, she told us… a few times! She knew just how to twist and pull the apple off the tree and insisted in getting all the ones she could reach. Didn’t even want to get a life by dad at all, we were shocked. Where does time go?

We filled a giant bag because per usual I have a million things pinned on Pinterest that I want to make, still haven’t, clearly you could have guessed that if you know me by now. It was a blast! We picked so many different kinds all different sizes. V got a lot of smaller ones for snacks for herself and just because she thought they were cute, a mommy & a baby! Sorry dad I guess you aren’t included in the Apple family! Oops. 🤣

My favorite part about the whole experience was the scenery around the area. We love taking rides over there because of all of the foliage and the animals, it’s just such a beautiful location. So on top of the steepest hills in the orchard looking out at all of the foliage was just something to put a smile on your face.

I said it in a post this week on Instagram, I have lived in New England my whole life basically and just recently did I start really appreciating the beauty that’s around me. People travel to see what I’ve grown up knowing as normal. It’s actually really amazing.

After our trip around the apple orchard we couldn’t help but to stop in the country store for some homemade apple cider donuts and kettle corn! I wanted more pumpkins but T insisted we had enough at home. So we compromised and I got two more! Funny how that works out, compromising!

V is definitely a donut lover so we got a bag and sat down and enjoyed them before leaving. There was a small petting zoo as well but it was very crowded so we only got to get near a few animals.

They had pigs, donkeys, cows, sheep, chickens and all were pretty stinking cute. The donkey was my absolute favorite.

Overall it was the perfect way to end a weekend and we loved experiencing a place that has always been so close by for the first time! We will definitely be regulars!

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