Adding Furniture/Decor to Small Spaces.

We don’t have this lavish home. We don’t have a large home. We don’t have lots of storage spaces. We also don’t have to restrict our creative design ideas because of it. In fact I feel even more creative with a smaller space!

I’m always looking for ways to add in organization, ways to create less clutter by keeping the area clean looking and presentable. It’s hard. You’d think for books you need a bookshelf with book ends sticking out and stacks developing here and there when you just want to keep them in order. You think shoes, you think shoe rack with dirty cleats dripping drops of dirt on your brand new wedges or the slippers you can’t go a day without wearing. However, it doesn’t have to be just what’s expected. It can be what you desire to create for a look without fitting into the “what’s normal” category.

Think outside the box! Get creative, be fun, take that Pinterest risk! Start enjoying your space more!

I just added the cutest piece of furniture to our bedroom space which again remember, is not big at all. I always look at these adorably designed spaces on Pinterest and Instagram and think, “wow I’d love to do that, but I have no space”. Where there is a will there is a way! We found a way. It works for our space, it creates that extra organization criteria I was longing for & its pleasing to the eye.

Adding this cozy, yet chic velvet bench to the end of our bed doesn’t leave tons of space for walking by. However, realistically will you be walking arm & arm with you’re buddy by your bed? Chances are no! Keeping small items in there that I would normally leave all over the place or tucking my keepsakes I’d want to hide away in a private safe space, perfect!

The spare blankets or sheets that you have for your bed that you are sick of taking up extra space, just found an accessible easy spot for them. We found that even by adding this to our bedroom we were creating ultimately more storage and it was a positive and practical addition to our space. Plus, how cute is it, right?

Velvet Bench by Harmati

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